mercredi 11 février 2009

Underten @ Kid's Wear Mag

Buying T-shirts helps!  Shirts by UNDERTEN
It's a good deal: the T-shirt goes to you, the sales revenue goes to the Buterflies organisation.
Simply send size (S,M,L), full adress and the header word "T-shirt" by e-mail to: . Price per shirt: 45.00€
For 14 years, the Butterflies organisation has been reaching out to the streets children of New Delhi, who survive by collecting rubbish, selling newspapers and cleaning shoes.
The Butterflies approach is an unusual one.
On the streets and in the parks, wherever the children live, they provide medical care, school lessons, a regular children's comittee and a theatre group.
Their goal is to improve these children's chances of survival and their opportunities in life.
Butterflies is supported by the german relief organisation Misereor.

Underten cape / picture by Oliver SIEBER / Kid's Wear Vol 28

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